Pengaruh Laba, Arus Kas dan Size Perusahaan Terhadap Return Saham pada Perusahaan Industri Dasar dan Kimia yang Terdaftar Di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI)

  • Sandra Diana STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Sochib Sochib STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Neny Tri Indrianasari STIE Widya Gama Lumajang


This study aims to examine the effect of net income, operating cash flow, investment cash flow, funding cash flow and company size on stock returns, using descriptive statistical analysis, classic assumption test and multiple linear analysis. The data used in this study are secondary data obtained from the annual financial statements of basic industrial and chemical companies audits for the period 2015-2017 which are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population in this study were 69 companies. The sampling technique in this study using purposive sampling technique and obtained a sample of 15 basic and chemical industry companies for three periods, namely 2015-2017. The results of this study indicate that net income and company size does not affect stock returns in basic and chemical industry companies for the 2015-2017 period, while operating cash flows, investment cash flows and funding cash flows have a significant effect on stock returns in basic and chemical industry 2015-2017 period.