Hubungan Antara Harga Dan Kualitas PelayananTerhadap Loyalitas Pelanggan(Studi Di CV. Semeru Marketindo Kabupaten Lumajang)

  • Mita Oktaviani STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Muhammad Ato’illah STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Sukma Irdiana STIE Widya Gama Lumajang


This study aims to determine the relationship or influence of price and service quality on customer loyalty both partially and simultaneously. This study uses primary data obtained from the results of filling out questionnaires to customers on CV. Semeru Marketindo Lumajang totaling 60 respondents. The analytical method used in this study is multiple linear regression. The results of multiple linear regression analysis show that price and service quality have a positive and significant relationship to customer loyalty both partially and simultaneously with determinant cofesiveness of 22.6% can be explained by the independent variables namely price and service quality. While the remaining 77.4% customer loyalty is influenced by other variables not examined in this study. Based on the results of this study, CV. Semeru Marketindo Lumajang still maintains the suitability of prices listed on applications with prices in the field and pays attention to and evaluates the drivers in providing services to customers so that customers will remain loyal, not be affected by competitors and also recommend to others.