Studi Mengenai Persepsi Kualitas Produk, Nilai, Resiko Dan Niat Untuk Membeli Sepeda Motor di Lumajang

  • Adi Sutiawan STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Riza Bahtiar Sulistyan STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Ninik Lukiana STIE Widya Gama Lumajang


The existence of different opinions about the perception of quality, value and consideration obtained by consumers after buying a Honda motorcycle, the automotive company is required to always meet consumer needs and minimize the risks needed. the perception of the quality received by consumers is different from the Honda brand, the perception of the value received by consumers is also different, so the concerns that arise are also different. A total of 60 STIE Widya Gama Lumajang students received samples using multiple regression analysis to approve the hypothesis proposed in this study. To show a significant interest between product quality and intention to buy, while the value and importance are not significant to the intention to buy a motorcycle in Lumajang. The intention to buy can be done if the product quality is very good.