Revitalization Efforts And Re-Creation Through The Arts Cultural Partners Lumajang Cio Indonesian Arts Culture

  • Naimah Naimah Lumajang University
  • Ratnaningsih Ratnaningsih Lumajang University
  • Ning Mukti Indrayani Lumajang University
Keywords: Establishment Deed, Publication, Promotion, Musical Instrument


Articles This is the implementation of a community service program Community Grant Program (PKM) scheme Directorate General of Higher Education in 2019. The aim of this service is to strengthen PKM partners "CIO Indonesian Arts Culture" through the legality of the establishment of the Indonesian Arts Culture CIO studio, the promotion and publication partners, strengthening the need for danglung musical instruments, the method used in the form of assisting the making of AD / ART of the Indonesian Art Culture CIO art studio as a requirement for the Establishment Deed, promotion and publication through print / online and electronic media, and danglung musical instrument assistance in the form of drums and slendro saron . The results achieved include having a deed for the establishment of the Indonesian Arts Culture CIO Studio so that partners have the formal legality of establishing a studio, Promotion and publication through the Radar Semeru Jawa Pos newspaper and the Radar Jember Jawa Pos Online Media, FB, Instagram, and youtube so that the partner is better known the public at large, the donation of danglung musical instruments in the form of East Java slendro drums and sarons in order to optimize the completeness of musical instruments for training and performance.


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