District Government Responsibility of Lumajang In Efforts To Achieve Securitysnacks Children In School

  • Naimah Naimah Lumajang University
  • Soesilo Soesilo Lumajang University
Keywords: Responsibility, Safety, Snacks, Children, School


Snacks sold in schools children are extremely diverse, child -children need it to increase energy while at school, but not all snacks for school children are safe for consumption by children, some endanger the health of children, therefore the government needs to intervene in efforts to realize the Safety of School Children Snacks. The purpose of this study is the responsibility of local governments to realize the Safety of School Children Snacks and the Implementation of Government Responsibilities to realize the safety of school children snacks in Lumajang Regency. This research is legal research that uses the sociological / Empirical Juridical approach. The data used in this study are primary and secondary. Primary data comes from observations, interviews, while secondary data in this study consists of primary, secondary and tertiary legal materials. The results of the research show that (first) the responsibilities of the regional government in realizing the safety of snacks for school children include planning, regulation, organization, guidance, and supervision; (Second) The Lumajang Regency Government has completely carried out all its responsibilities even though it is not yet optimal.


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