Pendampingan Updating Data Indonesia Tourism Exchange (Itx) Guna Memasarkan Produk Wisata Pokdarwis Arseda Desa Ranu bedali Kecamatan Ranuyoso Kabupaten Lumajang

  • Fauziyah Fauziyah STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
Keywords: Assistance, Updating data, Indonesia Tourism Exchange


Tourism becomes its main attraction in its development in Indonesia. Even the various regions have tried to increase tourist destinations to attract potential tourists. No exception Lumajang Regency which is one of the tourist destinations in East Java Province has various tourism potential, especially nature tourism.Referring to the Ministry of Tourism program "20 million Foreign Tourists", a variety of activities they do, including the program "Preparing Tourism Village to Go Digital". This program is implemented in order to facilitate DesaWisata in all corners of the archipelago to be able to market its tourism products through a digital marketing platform called Indonesia Tourism Exchange (ITX).After the training of account creation until the contract has been running, within the last one year there has been no updating data process done, thus requiring the commitment of Pokdarwis to keep managing the content well and pack it to be interesting. In this case PokdarwisArsedaRanubedali Village District RanuyosoLumajangDistrict.In this dedication to the community, the writer uses intensive facilitation method to some PokdarwisArseda members Marketing division as target in this activity, to update existing data and add new tourism products in accordance with current market needs. In addition, the authors also invited discussions with the participants in terms of technical ways of shooting good, effective language structuring so as to attract tourists to decide to visit and buy their offered tourism products. The result of this activity is the updating of tourism product data Pokdarwis Arseda Ranubedali Village in accordance with the current condition and the compilation of regular schedule to update the data periodically.


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