• Haifa Haifa STIE Mandala Jember
Keywords: Efficiency, Working Capital, Turnover of Operating Asset,Rentabilitas Economic


The purpose of this research is to know Working Capital Management reviewed from the
Profit Margin (PM), Turnover Of Operating Asset (TOA), Rentabilitas economic at PT Tigaraksa
Satria, Tbk period 2016-2018. The subject in this research is PT Tigaraksa Satria and the object in
this research is financial period 2016-2018 including financial items in the balance sheet and
Income statement report. Data collection method that used in this research is documentation and
study of literature. Data analysis method that used in this research is historical ratio
standards.Based on the results revealed that the performance of working capital management at PT
Tigaraksa Satria, Tbk period 2016-2018 is efficient enough


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