Desain Digital Complementary Marketing Pada Perberdayaan Social Entrepreneurs Berbasis Kearifan Lokal Bali

  • Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba Udayana University Denpasar
  • Cokorda Rai Adi Pramartha Udayana University Denpasar
  • Ni Putu Ema Leonita Andini Udayana University Denpasar
Keywords: e-marketing, Digital Complementary Marketing, UMKM, Intellectual Capital, Pandemi Covid-19


The application of e-marketing plays an important role in social entrepreneurs who have a strategic role in accelerating economic growth. This strategic role has increased, especially since the pandemic. This is especially felt by the people of the Province of Bali, who before the pandemic depended a lot on the tourism sector. However, this strategic role has not been supported by various studies for empowering social entrepreneurs through e-marketing. The results of the preliminary study stated that one of the fundamental problems was in the field of sales which decreased dramatically during the pandemic. This research wants to fill this gap through a unique e-marketing design. The proposed e-marketing design is a complementary digital mobile apps marketing for social entrepreneurs based on Balinese local wisdom. These mobile apps are expected to increase collaboration among social entrepreneurs, especially those who produce products/services that can complement each other (i.e. complementary). The strategic role of social entrepreneurs, especially during the pandemic, requires a lot of research studies to further increase their sales which will encourage more UMKM. There are relatively few studies on social entrepreneurs, especially regarding the development of e-marketing. In addition, the implementation of e-marketing must be supported by the strong intellectual capital of the social entrepreneur. Without adequate intellectual capital, the development of e-marketing will be difficult to succeed. This study aims to fill this gap so that it is hoped that later it can improve the economy, especially during the pandemic.


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