Kajian Semantik Pada Labelisasi Produk Makanan

  • Anisatul Fauziah STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
Keywords: Kajian Semantik, Labelisasi, Produk Makanan


This study aims to obtain an objective description of the variety of languages ​​on the labeling of food products. The data type of this research is descriptive data in the form of food product label. Researchers do not treat and only describe the focus of research. Implementation of the research was conducted by analyzing the variety of language on food product label. The variety of language basically refers to the linguistic compenent, ie semantics. This research uses semantic study approach. Therefore, this research uses data analysis, so the researcher perform the process of analyzing some variety of languages ​​on food product label which viewed from semantic study or meaning. This approach is well suited to analyze the relevance of the variety of languages ​​of some product labels as a form of creativity to enhance promotion, especially in the aspect of vocabulary use contained on the label. The product labels that are the focus of this research are the variety of languages ​​contained in the food products of the SMK Fishery and Shipping venture group in Puger, particularly on snack food labels. By analyzing the meaning of the variety


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